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_Staff Reports ‎(2019)‎[Icon]
47 Chapel Street[Icon]
cpg 03-017 Richard R. & Joan G. Korza_2019_05_15_02_03_PM[Icon]
cpg 23A-085 3 Main St E. R. & R. Cooper Partnership, Richard - Catherine M. Kay_2019_04_16_01_53_PM[Icon]
cpg 24B-070 Colvest/Northampton, LLC_2019_04_29_02_15_PM[Icon]
cpg 24D-125 Cosmic Cab Jim Conz_2019_04_22_07_35_PM[Icon]
cpg 25A-111 Christopher Karney_2019_05_22_03_17_PM[Icon]
cpg 25A-185 The Coca Cola Company_2019_04_22_12_19_PM[Icon]
cpg 28-078 Judith Snyder & Karen Korvek_2019_05_10_01_17_PM[Icon]
cpg 32C-171 Lumber Yard Northampton Limited Partnership_2019_04_26_02_13_PM[Icon]
Paradise Pond Request for Certificate of Compliance[Icon]
pg 08-070 Jerome and Susan Camposeo_2019_04_01_05_58_PM[Icon]
pg 16A-020 Fairway Village Condominium c/o HPMG_2019_05_02_12_42_PM[Icon]
pg 23B-013 MassDOT Locust Street[Icon]
pg 24C-44 Beatrice and Daniel O'Shea_2019_05_03_12_25_PM[Icon]
pg 30A-032 Cutlery Building Condominium Trust - Alan Verson_2019_05_21_10_12_AM[Icon]
pg 31A-040 Marisa Labozzetta_2019_04_04_12_44_PM[Icon]
pg 31A-257 The Trustees of The Smith College_2018_08_29_12_56_PM[Icon]
pg 31B-004 1924LLC_2019_01_07_03_21_PM[Icon]
pg 31C-015 The Trustees of The Smith College, c/o Facilities Management, Gary Hartwell_2019_03_06_06_53_AM[Icon]
pg 31D-010 Trustees of Smith College_2018_05_04_12_05_PM[Icon]
pg 31D-217 DEWEY COURT PROPERTIES LLC_2019_03_19_04_39_PM[Icon]
pg 35-080 CED Northampton Solar, LLC_2019_05_13_03_21_PM[Icon]
pg 35-229 Harold Jordan_2019_02_14_01_58_PM[Icon]
pg 37-049 City of Northampton Rocky Hill Trail at Rocky Hill_2019_03_14_11_27_AM[Icon]
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