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Chapter 156-4 Q Submittal Reguirements <br />Materials to be submitted for nonexempt projects shall be provided in <br />sufficient detail to determine the projects impact and compliance individually <br />and in context with the surrounding buildings, and with respect to the Design <br />Guidelines Manual. The Committee may waive or clarify any of these <br />requirements either as part of its rules and regulations or in their review of a <br />specific project. For all nonexempt projects, unless waived by the Committee, <br />the following shall be provided in electronic form: <br />Scale1. Photographs of existing conditions, of a quality that clearly shows both <br />detail and context of area(s) to be altered. Photographs should include <br />buildings to be demolished and vacant areas to be developed. <br />2. plans of •• ed alterations, renovations, <br />sufficient to show all aspects considered under this chapter. I <br />3. Renderings or photographic or • •uter simulations showingboth <br />detail and context of the area to be altered sufficient to show all aspe I <br />considered r- .• - For - buildings an• major alteration <br />this item shall be sufficient to see the entire building, its details, and <br />context fromrelevant - •• <br />A list or description of existing materialsto be -• and of <br />proposed -List/descriptionbe for.•- elements • <br />be altered, extended, - -• and size, type, and material of <br />indicated.fenestration with divisions clearly <br />